2014 Changemaker Nomination: ArcheDream for HUMANKIND

Congratulations to ArcheDream for HUMANKINDadhk.org, nominated by a Chocolate Lover like you!

Here’s what Patricia has to say about this fearless organization:

“ArcheDream for HUMANKIND works to spread the importance of communication & understanding through their performances and workshops. The Artistic Director, Alan Bell, is a native of South Africa who is the vision and voice of ArcheDream for HUMANKIND. His mission was to create a theater that would be accepted and shared by audiences of all races. Using the medium of black light to hide skin color, he combined African & European art forms that inspired the design of the masks and costumes. ArcheDream for HUMANKIND was formed, a black light mask & dance theater company.

Today, ArcheDream for HUMANKIND performs internationally & nationally, teaching workshops to audience of all ages.”

A little more info:

02_ArcheDream“ArcheDream for HUMANKIND is an internationally touring blacklight mask and dance theatre company that communicates universal ideas and emotions to promote understanding and compassion. Merging ancient ritual and magical storytelling with modern technology, ADHK unites, uplifts and enchants audiences through riveting performances and workshops.

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