2014 Changemaker Nomination: Independent Arts & Media

Congratulations to Independent Arts & Mediaartsandmedia.net, nominated by a Chocolate Lover like you!

Here’s what Sue has to say about this fearless organization:

“This fiercely independent little nonprofit fiscal sponsor in San Francisco runs lean but has a big impact. For 14 years IAM has championed and supported independent, non-commercial art and media projects and producers who not only enrich our community and culture, but are also helping advance civic engagement, free expression and cultural participation in our communities and our democracy at large. By supporting dozens of projects in the background through fiscal sponsorship, IAM leaves them to do the visionary creative part. And so a donation to just one organization means supporting many others.”

A little more info:

05_indy_logo“IAM’s mission is to support independent, non-commercial arts and media projects and producers for the purpose of building community and civic participation, and facilitating cultural engagement and free expression.

Media, journalism, the arts and culture are all arenas of social interaction and civic engagement. Yet even in the Internet era, these arenas are closed to public participation due to commercial or institutional barriers.

We champion those media producers and culture makers who are doing significant work to advance civic engagement and cultural participation in our communities and our democracy.

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