2014 Changemaker Nomination: Tulsa CARES

Congratulations to Tulsa CARESwww.tulsacares.org and www.facebook.com/Tulsa-CARES nominated by a Chocolate Lover like you!

Here’s what Marianne and Erin have to say about this fearless organization:

“The staff at Tulsa CARES work tirelessly every day to deliver social services to low-income people living with HIV/AIDS in Oklahoma.  Working to help our clients overcome the challenges that living in poverty brings, the organization links over 500 clients to essential social services including life saving drugs, healthy foods and nutrition education, safe housing, and mental health care.  Tulsa CARES offers a variety of individual and group level interventions, including a chronic disease self-management program and intensive case management services.  The nutrition program staff provide individualized nutrition counseling to help clients learn ways to meet their nutritional needs on a limited food budget.  The program also offers a farmers’ market twice per month that provides clients with access to free, fresh produce.  Tulsa CARES is an example of how social service programs can provide disenfranchised people with a source of support and community while fighting the stigma of living with HIV/AIDS.  The organization provides people with the hope and help they need to manage their illness rather than their illness managing them.  Please consider offering the organization a donation in support of their operational costs.

Work in the field of HIV/AIDS comes with a sharp stigma. Tulsa CARES, a non-profit organization serving poverty-stricken individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, must face constant uphill battles gaining community support and funding. They are fearless and fearlessly work to fashion a better world.”

A little more info:

12_TulsaCARESOur Mission:
Delivering social services to people affected by HIV and AIDS.

With the advancement of treatment options, many of those infected with HIV/AIDS are living longer, healthier lives, which in effect creates a greater need for support services in this population. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),there were an estimated 47,500 new HIV infections in the United States in 2010.

There are approximately 2,552 people living with the HIV infection and 2,356 living with AIDS in Oklahoma, according to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Fact Sheet (2010). Of these cases, 1,537 are living in the Tulsa MSA. Tulsa CARES programs and services fulfil an unmet need in our community by providing care coordination, housing, mental health, and food and nutrition services to those living with HIV/AIDS.”

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