Being Fearless

Pink Storm Trooper at the G20 Protests in the UK (not me, just my hero)
[above: Pink Storm Trooper @ the G20 Protests in the UK (not me, just a local hero I wish I could send a chocolate bar to)]

Its no accident that my life-long passion for social justice lead me to making food.

And believe me, I’ve approached changemaking from a lot of angles. During 9/11, friends and I built and supported the largest vigil in the country (Union Square, NYC) to provide free and open dialogue space for all of us affected by the tragedy. I’ve was once sponsored by the creator of Barney to raise awareness regarding socio-economically targeted Bush-era military recruitment practices. Once, I even threw-up on the steps of every major television news source to demonstrate how selective reporting in corporate media made me sick (hopefully that video has been destroyed by now).

I’ve found that arguing social politics with brains is hard, whereas stomach politics are easy.

Our ego-fortified brains are stubborn and slow to change from the outside in. Stomachs however recognize healthy food immediately and react to unhealthy foods with odd and irregular hysterics. In an effort to reach hearts through stomachs chocolate was an obvious choice. Emblematic of our childhood indulgences and later our more refined adulthood pleasures, chocolate brings people together.

TEST: Bring chocolate into a room full of people.

RESULT: Chocolate becomes the center of attention.

And that’s the point, CHOCOLATE GETS ATTENTION. Although FEARLESS wasn’t my original choice of name for the company, the moniker was an inspiring proclamation by our early customers which, by design, intends to remove any discreapancy from MAKING CHOCOLATE and MAKING CHANGE.

A company which calls itself FEARLESS is a company which strives to perform with highest levels of integrity across all aspects of its lifecyle. From sustainably sourcing the most nutritious and delicious ingredients, to crafting a confection with the greatest nutritional wealth and flavor, to packaging the product in the most eco-friendly materials available, to offering the chocolate at the most reasonable price possible.

All of these are elements which we work daily to refine and improve. We give great thanks to everyone who participates in our tasting programs and events and offer the essential feedback we need as we continue to develop new recipes, products and package design. We celebrate our designers who help us translate our ideas and feelings into ever-more beautiful design objects (see: Rodda Designs + Rocket & Walker). We honor you who inspire us to continue making things delicious every day.

We are a MIGHTY FEARLESS CHOCOLATE COMPANY, inspired by YOU who have the courage to DREAM & ACT!

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