ChangeMaker Bite Back!

(fi(ə)rlis) — Adjective
Showing a lack of fear; Intrepid; Embracing trust

(CHampēən) — Noun
One who has risen to the top; The best; One who fully supports a cause or belief

(chānj’mā”kur) –Noun
A person or organization who inspires change through embodied action

FEARLESS CHOCOLATE endeavors to support those who support others with every bar we make. Community is a very important part of our lives, and we strive to bring people together through the power of delicious chocolate. If you or anyone you know is doing something amazing that deserves some recognition and support, we want to know about it!

Our intention to give is represented in each bar of FEARLESS CHOCOLATE with an artfully crafted bite molded into the shape. Even though we spread that chocolate throughout the rest of the bar, we aim to humbly remind ourselves that sharing is caring.

Help us to connect with Champion ChangeMakers — organizations or individuals who are positively manifesting change through embodied action — HERE

Thank you for your support and caring commitment to inspired excellence!

Enjoy, in joy.