Feeling Fearless? Free Full Service Hair Cut and Styling

We’ve arranged for 8 FREE Full Service Makeovers by REDD, national educator for Shu Uemora & Kerastase. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking for a completely new look… well, look no further:
before & after
The catch? You have no say in what happens. Feeling Fearless? Time to test that trust!
before & after
You must be available during the day on either Wed June 15 or Tues June 21. If interested, drop us an email at ds@fearlesschocolate.com. We’ll take care of the rest!. Be ready to submit a recent photo for consideration. SF Bay Area residents only.
before & after
You can check out more samples of Redd’s work at her website ReddHanded.com. If you are selected, not only will you get the cut of a lifetime, but you’ll get some free chocolate to boot! AMAZING!!

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Science Fact: The Infamous Chocolate Bloom

The world is a magical place, and in many circles, this magic is called science. Sometimes this magical science is a wonderful thing, resulting in double rainbows or David Byrne or magnets or baby giraffes. Other times, this scientific magic gives us something that just isn’t all that great.
bloomin' chocolate!
Introducing Chocolate Bloom, the scourge of chocolate lovers everywhere. You might have fallen victim on a chocolate bar past, dropping the grayed, pockmarked bar with disgust just moments after unwrapping it with hasty delight. “O Calamity!”, you exclaimed with great fervor and an unanswered rumbling stomach, “Why hath fate dealt me such terrible fortune?”
Well, I’ll tell you. Science may sometimes be magical– and in this particular case, cruel– but it is never unintentional. There are two kinds of Chocolate bloom: Fat Bloom and Sugar Bloom. Fat Bloom is a by-product that occurs when unchecked chocolate is heated and cooled. When chocolate heats up, a bit of the fat separates from the solid particles, forming into white residue. The result is that fractal streaking and spottiness on chocolate bars that can ruin the moment.
not so tasty, innit?
Sugar Bloom’s main catalyst is moisture. When water comes in contact with chocolate, it bonds with the sugar, leaving behind chocolate graffiti when it evaporates. Like Fat Bloom, Sugar Bloom occurs when chocolate goes through extreme temperature change.
Suger Bloom
Next time this happens, take heed that the chocolate is still edible, perhaps even still delicious! You can wipe away fat bloom (for the most part), but sugar bloom changes the structure of the bar. You may find the consistency to be grainy or brittle. Rest assured, you can eat it as long as the chocolate is still under warranty (check the “best before” date on the wrapper). If you get a bar that’s bloomed, bring it back to where you bought it. They should replace it. If you store large quantities of chocolate at home, keep it in a cool, dry place enjoying a temperature range between 60-75º Fahrenheit. This should ensure that next time you crack open a bar of FEARLESS, you will get to experience the full magic of delicious chocolate, regardless of what science may have to say about it.

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Foodia is… CHOCOLATE

If you’re in the San Francisco bay area (as if there are any other bay areas) TOMORROW evening at 6pm on Friday, May 27th, you are in for a special treat. FEARLESS will be reppin’ hard at the Foodia is… CHOCOLATE event at the Press Club. Come on down for a special treat!

FOODIA is a website devoted to one sole purpose: to help people find good food. We totally support that.
Check out their site and see for yourself: www.foodia.com


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Raw Art – Heartache

Raw Art presents:
Performed by Anastasiya Mazur.
Directed by Taras Pozdnyakov.
“[Raw Art] is a project offering an alternative view upon circus, it promotes artists who are eager to bring their contribution to the development of the circus as a modern art. We call [Raw Art] a project on purpose as sometimes we find difficulties answering the question what it is.

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Delicious Design: mastermind JAPAN x Globe-Trotter suitcase

Happy Monday! We hope you enjoyed your weekend, and know you’ve got a big week ahead of you. To make things easy for you, we’d like to help you get where you’re going.

Here is your suitcase:

Open it up. Put all the things you’ll need inside…

You’re a globetrotter now, baby. Why daydream when you can just do? We’d pack ours full of seersucker finery, a bandolier of multicolor ray-bans, comfortable flip-flops, and– of course– a nice supply of Fearless Chocolate to keep our energy up during the journey.

So tell us… where ya going, and what are you bringing with?

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Thank Goodness it is Friday: Moustaches et al

In honor of Friday the 13th AND this weekend’s 2011 World Beard & Moustache Championships in Trondheim, Norway, we offer you the following interesting and pertinent tidbits:

How to say Moustache in 13 different languages:

Croatian– brkovi
Danish– overskæg
Dutch– snor
Finnish– viikset
French– moustache
German– Schnurrbart
Italian– baffi
Norwegian– bart
Polish– w?sy
Portuguese– bigode
Romania– musta??
Spanish– bigote
Swedish– mustasch

If you’re like us, you’ve probably noticed how spell check corrects the word “moustache” with “mustache” at least three or four times a day. Which is the correct spelling? According to Grammarist.com, “Mustachio was originally a variant of mustache, but the former now denotes an especially luxuriant mustache. Moustache is the preferred spelling of mustache in British, Canadian, and Australian English.” Looks like we’re traditionalists when it comes to our facial hair.

5 facts you most likely didn’t know about moustaches
(for more detail, check out the original article HERE on AskMen.com)

1) Moustache experts rank Sam Elliot as having the best moustache ever.
2) The oldest picture of a moustache dates back to 300 B.C.
3) Mark Spitz tricked the 1972 Russian Olympic swim team into growing moustaches.
4) There is a “Freestyle”competition category in the World Beard & Moustache championships.
5) The owners of the three longest moustaches in the world are Indian (record as of 2009: 12.5 feet).

“Movember” is an month-long event that raises vital funds and awareness for men’s health by encouraging men to grow a moustache for the entirety of November.  Essentially, the moustache becomes the equivalent of the pink ribbon for prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Learn more at Movember.com.

And finally, we here at Fearless are huge fans of Firehouse Moustache wax– check out their website (firehousemoustachewax.com) and their facebook page. We highly recommend their strongest offering, Wacky Tacky, for maximum style and hold.

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Eat Mail, May 2011: Ginger Miranda and Macadamia-GO-NUTS

With great excitement, we introduce this month’s Eat Mail extravaganza: the Ginger Miranda Bar and Macadamia-go-NUTS! On a scale of amazing to fantastic, we just couldn’t choose a favorite…

Eager to jump into a mid-summer daydream of summery fruits and buttery-nutty crunch? Us too. We bathed fresh macadamia nuts in blackberry-starfruit dark chocolate, which is even more delicious than it sounds. So much so, it drove us crazy. Hence, Macadamia-go-NUTS!

The madness continued. Inspired by a Carmen Miranda’s fruity adornment from “The Gang’s All Here”, we couldn’t help but samba in banana, mango, and peach along with a touch of ginger delicious to bring it all together. We defy you to watch this Busby Berkley Classic featuring the original lady in the Tutti-Frutti hat and not want to get fruty-licious:

Does all of this sound good? The only way to try them, or any other of our small-batch tasty ridiculousness is to join our EAT MAIL program! This monthly subscription will deliver exotically crafted chocolate treats right to your home or office.

Always made with certified Organic and Kosher ingredients.

EAT MAIL is a $19.99/month service — which essentially covers the cost of ingredients and labor — plus $5 shipping. Each subscription is 2 Servings.

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Art of the Title Sequence

Check out this amazing collage detailing the evolution of the movie title sequence, courtesy of Kontraband.com:
Go to www.ArtoftheTitle.com for an in-depth look at a variety of stellar opening credit montages. They’ve recently just posted top-to-bottom look at one of our all-time favorites: Dinner for Schmucks. One can’t help but experience both an intensely awkward respect for and slightly discomfort by the amount of detailed work shown during the intro. After seeing the level of craftsmanship and dedication that went into creating it, all creepy awkwardness is replaced with with a whole lot of artistic awesome.
Go get your amazing on.

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