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Just in time for Valentines Day!

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bean to bar, buddy... bean to bar

Thanks to the delectable efforts of Yael Miller, a fearless fan equal parts package designer extraordinaire and chocolate monster debonair, we’re proud to present a few honorable mentions for your consideration:

At, you can find a colorful collection of our products among a pleasing panoply of design artistic. Be sure to take some time to browse this website’s elaborately wonderful offering of eye candy.
a long time ago, in a chocolate galaxy far, far away... is arguably the best package design oriented website on the internet. We are humbled to be mentioned on this honored resource, and encourage you all to enjoy every amazing image TheDieLine has to offer.
chocolate jenga

Last, but definitely not least, please make a point to check out Yael Miller’s own website HERE. We’re big fans of the Brand Naming and Identity section, especially this logo for the KC Soap Company:

KC Soap Company

Thank you, Yael- we are deeply appreciative for your time, consideration, and fearlessness. Keep up the great design work!

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feel good about indulging

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. we’re inclined to believe that raw chocolate is the best daily candy.

That being said, the good people at have blessed us with a deliciously delightful review HERE, complete with fearless mathematical equations and charitable commendations for which were graciously grateful.

We’re big fans of dailycandy, a wonderful resource for those looking to catch insider tips, tricks, and recommendations on what to do, where to go, and the best questions to the answer “why not?”.

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fearless notcot

Wow! What a pleasure to be featured on NOTCOT.COM, not kidding, NOTCOT is one of our absolute favorite websites.

It wouldn’t be hard to spend an enjoyable vacation digging through their rich blog archives. In the pantheon of cool culture blogs, NOTCOT is one the the best, one of the most viewed, and most consistent. Jean and her staff are amazing writers and, clearly, they have impeccable taste ;)

They did a truly lovely photo display of our chocolate and some of our kitschy promotional swag, check out a few of the images

fearless notcot
fearless notcot
fearless notcot

More HERE :)

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Many of you have been kind enough to participate in our Giving program this year and years past. For those unfamiliar, Fearless devotes a percentage of its annual profit to changemaking individuals and organizations suggested by our customers.

Essentially, you might purchase a Fearless bar in a store or on our webstore and, with the product code printed on the inner-wrap, you write to us through the Giving section of our website about the changemaker you believe in. Each december we contact those who have made contributions to collaboratively vote on who gets this year’s FEARLESS Grant.

This holiday season we’re soft-launching a new program to recognize Fearless Individuals and Organizations on a year round basis. People write to us about the people who inspire them all the time and we often try to track down these amazing individuals to send them a nice chocolate bar and a short letter that says “Thank you, for being you” in so many words.

And this holiday season we’re upping (is that a word?) the ante. We’ve developed this FEARLESS Award and we want you to help us give them out…


This frame worthy certificate commemorates outstanding people/organiztions and their inspiring work. From now on all worthy changemakers who are submitted are eligible for the Fearless Award. Those awarded will also get to vote on who receives the Fearless Grant at the end of each year.

Vote early, vote often :)

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Running Homeless

One of our wonderful customers sent us an amazing article this week that I just have to share. Its a short read telling the inspiring story of Eric Fair on Good.Is. Once a homeless addict, Eric now runs as a way of turning around his life.

“I think a lot about my past,” Fair says. “But that’s the most peaceful time that I have, when I’m running. I’m in another world.”

Eric was introduced to running by an organization called Back On My Feet, an innovative non-profit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of homeless populations by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. Wow. Simply brilliant.

The circumstances of homelessness come in all shapes and sizes yet the psychological effects are often similar. While some programs honorably seek to provide the basic necessities of food and shelter, I see Back On My Feet as a rare program addressing those personal challenges which so often portend to be insurmountable obstacles for change. Members like Eric participate in a comprehensive program that offers connections to job training, employment and housing. These benefits are earned by maintaining 90 percent attendance at the morning runs three days a week for our six to nine month program.

We get to hear about amazing programs like Back On My Feet through our giving program where our customers collaborate with us to suggest and annually vote on changemakers that FEARLESS will support with a gift of chocolate and portion of yearly earnings. We gather these stories throughout the year and each December we invite those who have made suggestions to vote among us choosing a single champion to offer our primary support.

If you know of an amazing changemaking individual or organization and you’ve purchased a FEARLESS chocolate bar please write us about it through the Giving section of our website.

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