Whoa! Chocolate Crisis?

An article posted today on Tree Hugger surmised that we may very well indeed be entering a period of cacao scarcity in coming decades, which is a good reason to start stocking up on Fearless Chocolate NOW!

While we do work very hard with our suppliers to ensure that our bean sourcing is managed sustainably, it’s entirely possible that all of the climate change deniers about to take office in the house could have a previously unforeseen effect on our favorite food. Luckily our bars are “shelf-stable” i.e. “last” for 2 years from their production date, so we have bought ourselves a little time in that department :)

Check out the article yourself and let us know what YOU think!

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MIDNIGHT PICNIC :: 10.22.10 @ 12am


You are invited to join us for a Midnight Picnic at the Wave Organ.

The Wave Organ is a wave-activated acoustic sculpture located on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay.

We meet at 12 MIDNIGHT to walk as a group to the end of the Jetty.

A light buffet of FEARLESS Raw Organic Chocolate and Champagne will be served underneath a FULL MOON.

Come find us 12 Midnight @ 1 Yacht Rd ~ Marind Blvd, End of the jetty ~ San Francisco, CA 94123

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Eating and Chemistry!

Food is a drug. This is point I’ve often made in many discussions regarding nutrition. Each bite of food contains chemical information that can affect our bodies in myriad ways, albeit some more dramatic than others.

THIS article explores how the foods we eat often leave digestive remainders which mirror or mimic the neurotransmitters in our brain:

The chemicals in the food that you eat will only act upon your brain if in some way those chemicals resemble an actual neurotransmitter or otherwise interact with a biochemical process in your brain that influences the production, release, or inactivation of a neurotransmitter. These “active” ingredients deserve close scrutiny.

How is it possible that plants and humans use such similar chemicals for normal, everyday functions? Plants produce chemicals that are capable of affecting our brain because they share an evolutionary history with us on this planet. Even primitive one-celled organisms produce many of the same chemicals that are in our brains.

Also, the last word in the article is “chocolate”, so that got our attention :)

THIS article explains some of the basic principles of molecular gastronomy within one scientists study of reproducing the orange flavor (one of natures most distinct flavors) using foods that are not actually oranges:

“Orange is quite difficult to make,” Lahousse told me. “First we said, ‘Which are the flavor components? What are the key odorants? What other products could we use to replace those key odorants? What products do we have locally to recreate the orange?’” This may sound like conceptual cooking, but bioengineering an orange was not a theoretical project. Lahousse says it’s possible to replicate some of the flavor-packing that OJ makers do in the confines of your own home.

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Swimming Cities :: Why I Love my Friends

You’ve seen me post about my favorite artist Swoon many times. Well, Im excited to share that the next adventure of the Swimming Cities project is gearing up to launch…down the Ganges River! It looks like the project has taken on a life of its own with a slightly new crew and some familiar faces. Oh the places they’ll go! LOL.

Read about it HERE!

Contribute to their KICKSTARTER page HERE!

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