Tom Otterness Studio Tour!

Scouting NYC blog has an awesome photo journal of its visit to the art studio of Tom Otterness, a favorite New York Artist who’s work can be enjoyed up and down the A-C-E train lines, Battery Park, and his own Long Island City based sculpture garden.

Much much more HERE!

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…And we’re back!

Burning Man was such a blast! Best burn I’ve been to in 5 years. Special thanks to camp Nexus for housing us and camp Foamo Arregato for sponsoring Fearless Chocolate at their wednesday dinner!


As best I can tell, this is me spreading the FEARLESS at Burning Man’s Metropolis, lol.

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SFweekly bloger @SFoodie Reviews our Hibiscus + Ginger Bar!

@sfoodie sfweekly fearless chocolate raw organic cacao

Tamara Palmer writes:

S.F.-based startup Fearless makes its raw-cacao chocolate “adventurously with auspicious providence and lavish devotion,” according to the attractive recycled packaging. Bars are made with unroasted organic cacao beans cooked on low heat (under 118 degrees) and are free of soy, dairy, and gluten. A molded “bite” is taken out of the corner of each bar to represent the company’s donation of a small portion of the proceeds to charity.

Fearless stands out by avoiding the mealy texture some of its local raw competitors have. This is a bar you can snack on and not feel deprived of the roasted bean flavor. There are five bars in all. We’ve gravitated to the 70-percent dark Sweet N Hot, which balances the sharp tang of hibiscus with a buzzy ginger burn.

Thanks for the kind words Tamara! You clearly have great taste ;)

You can follow Tamara and others on Twitter: @sfoodie

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