Fearless Fabian Cousteau

plant a fish
Cousteau! Yep, that’s right, grandson of the famed ocean explorer Jaques Cousteau started a non profit aimed at “re-plant” key fish popluations around the world’s oceans. Its called PLANT A FISH, which is just a tad rad.

Launched last week, the first project aims to rehabilitate the oyster population in New York’s Hudson river. Partnered with the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, a Bushwick, Brooklyn public school, Cousteau led the students on a dive in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to plant 130,000 oysters.

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Plane Stupid Activists go on trial today

In the theater of life sometimes only the most dramatic actions inspire. Those who follow Fearless will likely detect our creative activist background and propensity for loving brazen enviro-political theatrics from other heroes like The YES MEN

From the Guardian:

Nine climate activists from Plane Stupid are expected to go on trial today after staging a protest which disrupted flights at Aberdeen airport last year. The nine protesters have been charged with breach of the peace and vandalism after they allegedly occupied part of the tarmac and a terminal building at the airport before dawn in March 2009. The action led to disruption for 10 of the 350 scheduled flights at Aberdeen, a busy regional airport which specialises in European flights servicing the city’s oil and tourism industries and providing “life line” services to outlying Scottish islands.

The trial, before a sheriff and jury, is expected to last two to four weeks. The nine protesters are expected to plead not guilty, arguing they were attempting to prevent the wider and more serious damage to the environment threatened by climate change.

Plane Stupid has a nice website explaining the context of their actions and what they hope to inspire:

The group intend to take the battle for climate justice from the court of public opinion to the court of law in Scotland. They plan to highlight the social and environmental impacts of expanding the airport which they argue will mainly benefit a proposed luxury hotel and golf complex owned by business tycoon Donald Trump.

The defendants are pleading not guilty on the grounds that their actions were to prevent the larger crime of runaway climate change and have assembled a witness list of world-renowned experts in climate related fields including public health consultant Jenny Griffiths and Geoff Meaden, who contributed to the successful Kingsnorth 6 defence as a flooding and mapping expert.

Wishing these nine individuals the best in their trial today.

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Plastic Century Dares You: Sip from Trash-Filled Water

trash water

I came across this clever exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences in SF last week. What an effective demonstration! The concept immediately personalizes water pollution. Simple, effective.

Here’s TreeHugger‘s take:

Visitors who come across the “Plastic Century” art installation while searching for a sip of water at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco tomorrow may find their options less than appealing: Drink from a trash-filled water cooler or go thirsty.

In a piece commissioned by the academy to mark World Oceans Day (and the 100th birthday of iconic marine scientist and explorer Jacques Cousteau), artist Sarah Kornfeld, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols, and futurists Stuart Candy and Jake Dunagan set out to show what a century of plastic has done to our environment — and specifically the world’s seas.

6 Billion Tons of Plastic
The team set up four functioning water coolers, labeled 1910, 1960, 2010, and 2030.,each filled with different amounts of plastic garbage — old toothbrushes, film, candy wrappers, drinking straws — according to how much of the material existed (or is projected to exist) on the planet during that time period in an effort to stir up strong emotions about what might otherwise be abstract facts and figures.

“This is something that people can look at and feel on a visceral level,” Kornfeld told Fast Company.

The numbers themselves, though, are staggering. According to the Plastic Century website, 60 million tons of plastic had been produced globally in 1910, a few years after the material was introduced. Today, the cumulative total is 6 billion tons, a number that is expected to more than double by 2030. The project, its creators say, aims “to make visible a phenomenon so widespread that it has become virtually invisible.”

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Phillip Zimbardo’s Time!

We love this video offering a perspective on the cultural interpretations of time and reality! The beautifully illustrated piece is a delightful counterpart to theorist Phillip Zimbardo’s keynote speech at the recent RSA conference (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).

What’s that you say? Not familiar with the RSA? Well, its sort of like TED, but specifically Brittish, 250 years old, and focused more on researching and funding applicable solutions. Go have some fun exploring their website!

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Fearless Martians

The Guardian has a neat short article on the launch of the Mars 500, a simulator that will put a crew of six men in a small ship replica in a warehouse on the campus of the Russian Institute for Biomedical Problems—for 520 days.

Their goal is to recreate a return journey to the red planet, spanning a year and a half, complete with simulated emergency situations and realistic psychological pressures.

We just like to see productive efforts to exploring new frontiers :o)

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