CHOCOLATE JESUS oftheDAY :: The Kit Kat Savior

sweet jesus

FROM THE SOURCE: A CHOCOLATE fan has taken the biscuit after finding an image of Jesus in a KitKat.
The astonishing vision emerged on Good Friday after a website called for oddball religious discoveries.
The finder told Dutch news site “I was amazed. I just took a bite and then I saw the face of Christ in it.”
Other witnesses were less impressed. “It looks more like Darth Vader,” said one.


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CHOCOLATE POWERED RACE CAR oftheDay :: Warwick’s World F3rst

chocolate powered race car

FROM THE SOURCE: If we told you that the formula race car of the future is powered by chocolate, features a body made from potatoes, and a steering wheel made from carrots, you might say we’ve been reading too many children’s books. However just such a vehicle exists, and it’s capable of carving through corners at 125mph while actually cleaning the air! The WorldFirst F3 race car is the brainchild of the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre and features a bevy of green features that are set to shape the future of motor sport racing.

The vehicle recicles CO2 as part of its fuel efficiency, so yeah, it also cleans the air as it runs, sort of.

I wonder what the biodegradable half-life is on this beast?


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Just Say No (to politicians)

on strike
Via Lawrence Lessig’s Twitter feed (@Lessig) comes an exciting new boycott for funding congress unless they sign the Fair Elections Now Act!

FROM THE SITE: Supporters of this strike have pledged not to donate to any federal candidate unless they support the Fair Elections Now Act. Under the Act, congressional elections could be funded by a hybrid of small-dollar donors and public financing–so representatives could spend less time fundraising and more time doing the job they were elected to do.

More HERE.

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ADD-ART :: Good “Bad News” for Advertizing

Steve Lampert Add-Art

The plugin works alongside AdBlock Plus, which blocks online ads, and simply replaces that blank space with art images. AdBlock Plus is the most popular of the thousands of available add-ons for Firefox with 18 million total downloads (as of May 2008) and over 250,000 downloads per week.

For many, replacing ads with blank space would be enough. AddArt attempts to do something more interesting than just blocking ads – it turns your browser into an art gallery. Every time you visit the New York Times online or check the weather you’ll also see a spattering of images by a young contemporary artist.

Learn more here.

Seen enough? DOWNLOAD HERE.

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Brought to you by folks who put stuff together and make noise. DISCLAIMER: This already happened two years ago, but still, its one of my favorite uncategorizable things ever.

Chicago is lucky to host resident artist NICK CAVE, creator of the full body “soundsuits” which are brillianty assembled from layers of metal, plastic, fabric, hair, found objects, and other things.

The RECIPE: Assemble + Rub together = make noise.

Although I’m hoping to find Nick’s work a permanent home in my personal wardrobe, the exhibition was held at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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BYOBW :: Another Reason I LOVE SF!

BYOBW 2008

It’s easier to prescribe than to describe why I LOVE San Francisco. Go to events Like BYOBW (Bring Your Own Big Wheel) and you’ll get my point.

byobw 2008
byobw 2008
byobw 2008
byobw 2008
byobw 2008
byobw 2008

We didn’t have our camera, so these photos are plucked from Laughing Squid’s Flikr stream, hope Scott don’t mind us pushing the good.

And for the sake of goodness, visit our favorite Bay Area event listings @ The Squid List to find more events like this!

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ZAPROOToftheDAY: Look Green…

Framing the growing green movement among corporate and even religious players + Greening EASTER + Watching OUT! for untested chemicals in consumer products + Aternative Autos + Jessica Williamson

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