Being Fearless

Pink Storm Trooper at the G20 Protests in the UK (not me, just my hero)
[above: Pink Storm Trooper @ the G20 Protests in the UK (not me, just a local hero I wish I could send a chocolate bar to)]

Its no accident that my life-long passion for social justice lead me to making food.

And believe me, I’ve approached changemaking from a lot of angles. During 9/11, friends and I built and supported the largest vigil in the country (Union Square, NYC) to provide free and open dialogue space for all of us affected by the tragedy. I’ve was once sponsored by the creator of Barney to raise awareness regarding socio-economically targeted Bush-era military recruitment practices. Once, I even threw-up on the steps of every major television news source to demonstrate how selective reporting in corporate media made me sick (hopefully that video has been destroyed by now).

I’ve found that arguing social politics with brains is hard, whereas stomach politics are easy.

Our ego-fortified brains are stubborn and slow to change from the outside in. Stomachs however recognize healthy food immediately and react to unhealthy foods with odd and irregular hysterics. In an effort to reach hearts through stomachs chocolate was an obvious choice. Emblematic of our childhood indulgences and later our more refined adulthood pleasures, chocolate brings people together.

TEST: Bring chocolate into a room full of people.

RESULT: Chocolate becomes the center of attention.

And that’s the point, CHOCOLATE GETS ATTENTION. Although FEARLESS wasn’t my original choice of name for the company, the moniker was an inspiring proclamation by our early customers which, by design, intends to remove any discreapancy from MAKING CHOCOLATE and MAKING CHANGE.

A company which calls itself FEARLESS is a company which strives to perform with highest levels of integrity across all aspects of its lifecyle. From sustainably sourcing the most nutritious and delicious ingredients, to crafting a confection with the greatest nutritional wealth and flavor, to packaging the product in the most eco-friendly materials available, to offering the chocolate at the most reasonable price possible.

All of these are elements which we work daily to refine and improve. We give great thanks to everyone who participates in our tasting programs and events and offer the essential feedback we need as we continue to develop new recipes, products and package design. We celebrate our designers who help us translate our ideas and feelings into ever-more beautiful design objects (see: Rodda Designs + Rocket & Walker). We honor you who inspire us to continue making things delicious every day.

We are a MIGHTY FEARLESS CHOCOLATE COMPANY, inspired by YOU who have the courage to DREAM & ACT!

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Banksters get bailouts when their massive ponzy scams fall flat. Learn about DERIVATIVES people!

From Josh Holland of, “A derivative is a piece of paper that can be bought and sold for real money but isn’t attached to a real asset. Its value is simply derived from something tangible — hence the name. You hear a lot of talk these days about the “real” nuts-and-bolts economy, and derivatives are in essence the exact opposite: They represent an unreal economy, created by financiers in mahogany-paneled office suites in New York and London, and it’s this shadow economy that teeters on the edge of collapse today, threatening to bring down much of the real economy with it.” definitely READ MORE HERE.

Derivatives are NOT just an American institution, read how this practice has weakened Indian economics.

Also here. And I could find an article like this for almost any first world nation.

How deep are our banks into derivative speculation? Check out this chart from EMSnews blog:

banking on derivatives

The graph relates to what degree each banking institution invests in high-risk derivative markets. Reading the article I plucked this graph from will help you understand what the numbers really mean, but the summation is that international banking has become a casino.

We deserve better. We can all get more from this world when we know more. How? By knowing what we want and asking for it. When necessary, demanding it in solidarity.

As a chocolate maker I have all too often thought of myself as an artist of craft only, and somehow this delusion lead me to view craft and business as separate. This 2009th year is all about relearning business as art and craft. Wall Street banksters got a jump on me and crafted a piece of work that sold and continues to sell for trillions of dollars of citizen capital! And I thought I was a successful artist.

its Bill Moyer’s excellent PBS interview with economist William K. Black, the former senior regulator who cracked down on banks during the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s. It’s not a fast paced flashy piece of journalism, but it does lay out most elements of our current financial crisis in simple, palpable terms, and the simple truth is beyond shocking.

If you’re ready to dip deeper down the rabbit hole, watch The Obama Deception (this little doc should come with ant-acid):

If you get one thing from this editorial video, let it be that that office of US President functions more as PR than CEO. The debate then becomes, “Whose PR campaign is the President running?”

Please believe me, I wish Obama and his family the best. Further still, I wish nothing more than to realize in Obama’s Presidency all the honor, integrity, passion and promise of which our country is founded upon. Holding the space of hope in these times of immense transformation is a heavy calling. I pray that our future reveals how the allegations in this video are exaggerated and untrue. Yet its that naturally recognizable kernel of truth stated which prevents me from denying this editorial, and indeed compels me to post it here for the purpose of hosting discourse and dialogue.

Your thoughts, comments, links and trackbacks are deeply appreciated.

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Memorializing 15 years of Kurt Cobain’s Ghost

Kurt Cobain’s body was found 15 years ago today and those who loved him and Nirvana’s music continue to pay their respects. Today we’re playing Marigolds on repeat; its an office favorite…

And we’re working on our ultimate Nirvana Playlist…

Anyway its not quite finished yet.

And for those who were glued to MTV the day the music died, here’s a link to MTV’s archived coverage.

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Once upon a time in a land I call pre-Disney New York City, I spent my nights throwing warehouse parties of the wild and ridiculous variety. From 2000 – 2001, I hosted three events in one particular venue called PSEUDO. Resurrected from legendary debauchery, Pseudo had once been the auspicious home of “artist” Josh Harris and the internet tv show/24 hour party people hang-out “We Live in Public”. This is more or less the concept that MTV’s The Real World Ripped off and continues to bank on 15 seasons later.

Before the Real World, someone got there first, that someone was Josh Harris, and please believe me, his version makes MTV’s version taste like plastic candy. Today and thursday, award winning director Ondi Timoner (DIG!) is hosting a “private” showing of her latest doc which follows Harris and the We Live in Public project. I’m trying to track her down to get tickets.

View the TRAILER here.

And if you’re going to the show and you need a + 1 (+ chocolate), do give me a bell :o

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MOUF’FULL o’ CHOKLAT: you got served!

Last night, more than 150 happy mouths were ambassador for FEARLESS CHOCOLATE’s introduction to literally hundreds of millions of rapturous gastronomic microorganisms. That’s right, we’re BIG in the little intestine!

There was…

Then it went…

And in the end…

These photos by Doug McKechnie and More photos by Jason Chinn

Give thanks to CHOCOLATE for always being a delicious reason to gather good crowds.

BIGGEST thanks to The PUBLIC BARBER SALON (, our host!

Our humble re-launch was a fun success, SUPERHERO THANKS to YOU all who came out!

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