Changemaker Nomination: Abby Lodmer, Humor Healing Humanity

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to Abby Lodmer, Humor Healing

Here’s what Emily has to say about this fearless organization:

“Abby Lodmer is a f“AB”ulous spokesperson for conscious living. Via Humor Healing Humanity, she promotes healthful, ethically produced products (like Fearless Chocolate) that foster well-being without harming the environment or our bodies! Using humor, she shares her unique message of vibrant health through vegan diet, positive attitude and conscious choices. Her spirit of fun influences people of all ages — helping elders change lifelong destructive habits and teaching kids to make wise lifestyle decisions for wellness and vitality. Humor Healing Humanity deserves a donation so that Abby Lodmer can expand her “conscious living education” campaign beyond the web — through speaking tours and traditional media.”

A little more info:

“Abby has more energy and interests than G*d. She is a Renaissance woman if there ever was one! Abby completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona with a major in Media Arts and minors in Religious Studies and Dance. Abby worked for the U of A’s Wellness Center, creating healing programs and delivering lectures about health and drug education. During that time, Abby also embarked upon an aerobics training program — and has taught dance, aerobics and yoga in various capacities for the past 14 years…

Abby Lodmer continues to traverse the world, bringing LIGHT and HEALING through HUMOR! She has performed in comedy clubs across the globe, including the Improv and the Laugh Factory, and has been featured in both television and live shows, playing characters from Rizzo in Grease, The Musical, to the “TV Reporter” and the “Jewish Relative” among other characters in Michael Lucid’s show, Pretty Things. Abby continues to uplift humanity through her show: Humor Healing Humanity, and through her stand-up comedy performances.”

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