Changemaker Nomination: Breast Wishes Fund

Next in our series of 2012 Changemaker Nominations suggested by a chocolate lover! 

Congratulations to Breast Wishes Fund:

Here’s what Lexie has to say about this fearless organization:

“Breast Wishes Fund (BWF) empowers women of all ages with holistic breast cancer education, prevention and wellness.
We love advocating FEARLESSNESS through EMPOWERMENT, just like y’all and that’s why Breast Wishes deserves a donation.
Breast Wishes Fund wants to be part of the solution in reducing breast cancer diagnosis in young women with simple prevention. Our program, Speed Date with Wellness is an interactive community experience designed to increase awareness and inspire informed holistic decisions about health, food and beauty amongst college and high school students. A link for a short film from our University of New Mexico event may be seen here on the front page of our website.
The website, seeks to expand our links for options to alternative cancer care, prevention and wellness.
We look forward to partnering with insurance companies to include non- invasive, non-radioactive cancer screening such as ultrasound and thermograms, prevention and less/non-toxic, holistic cancer treatment.”

A little more info:

“The Breast Wishes Fund improves access to integrative breast cancer education and wellness for women of all ages. $34 Billion has been spent on alternative and complementary therapies in the US alone, though how does one navigate the gauntlet of primarily uninsured possibilities?

We are dedicated to filling the need for a comprehensive knowledge base for integrative choices for treating breast cancer and wellness options for the next generation. Our goals are to broaden research for integrative breast cancer treatment, partnering with insurance companies to give options to women for prevention, treatment and screening. This might include thermograms to monitor a woman’s breast health and non/less invasive methods of breast cancer care and preventative wellness.”

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