Changemaker Nomination: Brian Dylan Dolphin

Next in our series of 2012 Changemaker Nominations suggested by a chocolate lover! 

Congratulations to Brian Dylan Dolphin:

Here’s what Ben has to say about this fearless guy:

“Brian Dolphin, Watson and Fullbright Scholarship recipient traveled around the world (literally) pursuing his quest ‘The Music of Nature and the Nature of Music.’ Learning from master musicians of the indigenous societies in Senegal, Bali, Siberia, Nepal, India, Norway and more, just what the nature of music truly is to their society.

He continues to collect ‘the people’s’ true music/folk songs of many cultures and introduced me to FEARLESS CHOCOLATE! He makes a difference in the lives of many now as he teaches, lectures, gives workshops and sings music from around the world to children and adults in the US and Worldwide.

He is a definite candidate for being a Fearless Champion and I nominate him as a CHANGEMAKER. He needs support to bring the message of preserving indigenous peoples music before it is too late and lost.”

Brian Dolphin

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