Changemaker Nomination: Christopher Kilner of the Woape Foundation

Next in our series of 2012 Changemaker Nominations suggested by a chocolate lover! 

Congratulations to Christopher Kilner of the Woape

Here’s what Maura has to say about this fearless person and organization:

“Here is a (at the time) 17 year old who went to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to do service.  The experience changed him profoundly and he said he needed to do something to effect change.  He immediately went to work and created the Woape Foundation.  Mind you, he did this by himself while also maintaining a 4.08 GPA as a senior in HS, Rowing, and applying to colleges.  He can be contacted through the Foundation.”

A little more info:

“The [Woape Foundation's] Woyute Campaign is an effort to provide healthy food and education to Native American children. Currently, the goal is to build a Geodesic Greenhouse Dome large enough to support the tight-knit community on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The greenhouse will allow for a large amount of fresh produce to be grown year round in it’s 1,300 square feet of space, while also providing an educational experience for the children and families on the Reservation.
The first goal is to allow for another, newer, medium for those on the Reservation to obtain healthier, organic produce, as the consumers continue to fight against obesity, diabetes, and general malnourishment.

The second goal of this project is to educate the children attending The Red Cloud School and Our Lady of Lourdes in healthy eating and sustainable growing while also serving as a new medium to explore the disciplines of mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics.

A third goal of this project is to allow for a protected area in which those on the reservation can grow threatened native plants and store the seeds of these plants in a seed bank, which can then be opened if the population of native plants ever needs to be replenished or bolstered.

A fourth goal of this project is to store seeds of the plants grown in the dome in a seed bank and distribute these seeds (tomato, cucumber, blackberry, etc…) to households on the reservation, which can then begin growing these organic plants.

A fifth goal of this project is to continue the movement towards sustainable, earth friendly, organic, and carbon neutral agriculture and construction.”

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