Changemaker Nomination: Coalition of Immokalee Workers

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to Coalition of Immokalee

Here’s what Damara has to say about this fearless organization:

“The Coalition of Immokalee Workers – a grassroots farmworker organization located in South Florida ( – is the epitome of a changemaker movement. Together with consumers across the country, these farmworkers have encouraged and invited (and sometimes had to convince…) America’s major food corporations (Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway and more) to join Florida’s Fair Food Program, a revolutionary program guaranteeing fair pay and humane working conditions to Florida’s 30,000+ tomato pickers.

This program is the first of its kind in the U.S. — a domestic fair-trade-like program where farmworkers, consumers and large food buyers are working together to end decades of exploitation in the fields, including sexual harassment, wage theft, thirty years of stagnant wages, no benefits whatsoever, and federally-prosecuted cases of modern-day slavery.

The CIW, as the organization is known, is an organization after Fearless chocolate’s own heart. The farmworker staff and members exemplify courage, commitment, perseverance, determination, hope and resilience. In the past decade, they have faced the most powerful corporations on the planet and have used their fearless energy to create one of the most successful social responsibility programs on the planet.

Check them out and support them! You won’t go wrong.”

A little more info:

22_CIWlogobug“Consciousness + Commitment = Change

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is a worker-based human rights organization internationally recognized for its achievements in the fields of corporate social responsibility, community organizing, and sustainable food. The CIW is also a leader in the growing movement to end human trafficking due to its groundbreaking work to combat modern-day slavery and other labor abuses common in agriculture. The CIW works in three broad and overlapping spheres: The Campaign for Fair Food… The Fair Food Program… Anti-Slavery Campaign…”

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