Changemaker Nomination: Food Not Bombs South Florida

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to Food Not Bombs South

Here’s what Nikki has to say about this fearless organization:

15_FoodNotBombsSFL“Food Not Bombs South Florida is a small group of people. There might be about ten in their group and yet they manage to accomplish incredible feats, not only in their hometown, but across the United States. They have even managed to reach Israel!

They share wholesome vegan food (that would otherwise go to waste) with the homeless of Fort Lauderdale twice a week, making sure to fill everyone’s bellies.

However, more than just providing warm meals, FNB South Florida fights for the rights of the local homeless population on a consistent basis. There is always a new event taking place and a new action taking place that is intended to help. FNB South FL regularly attends city commission meetings speaking on the horrendous way the city deals with its homeless population, often inviting the homeless to speak with them.

Most recently, they held a fundraiser in order to continue raising awareness of the difficulties of being a homeless person in South Florida. They are even busily working on their first newsletter, Solidarity Shelter, that would be written by local homeless and passed out to them as well as a means to unite the homeless of South Florida.

FNB South Florida are also members in their sister group, The Autonomous Playhouse, a radical puppet collective that educates the public on a wide range of issues from homelessness to sexism. Their most recent show, “Fort Lauderjail”, was performed at a local homeless shelter and made it in the paper!

The group has traveled all over the country in a waste-veggie-oil fueled bus, performing for free, touring twice. They are about to go on their third tour.

If that wasn’t enough, these dedicated individuals are also working on the Food Not Bombs Free Skool, an alternative schooling opportunity, where the participants can learn how to create their own Food Not Bombs and how to live sustainably. They are even working with Keith McHenry, a co-founder of the Food Not Bombs movement, on this specific project.

I think that Food Not Bombs South Florida deserves a donation because they donate so much of themselves and their time to helping make the world a better place. They hardly ever rest and are always thinking of the next action they can take to help the people who need it most.”

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