Changemaker Nomination: Gail Stott, Ya’axché Conservation Trust

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to Gail Stott, Ya’axché Conservation

Here’s what Isabelle has to say about this fearless person:

“Gail is one of the most inspirational human I have met. She was a drama major who went back to school in her mid-thrities to study botany so she can put her energy to applied conservation. She has been volunteering in Belize, working hands on on nature plot mapping and is instrumental in the future of rosewood in the country. She works her little butt off for next to nothing and deserve much respect, recognition, love and chocolate! She is a true champion. The donation will go to help her savor life and Ya’axché relies solely on donation to function. A little goes a long way over there. Please look her up! Thank you. ps: Thanks for the opportunity to spotlight her work. I believe in the missing bite! Sharing is indeed caring.”

A little more info:

“Ya’axché Conservation Trust is a Belizean organization which aims to maintain healthy forests, rivers and reefs for the benefit of all. Through protected area management, advocacy, and working hand in hand with communities Ya’axché strives to develop capacity for the wise use of land and natural resources in and around the Maya Golden Landscape in Toledo.

Harmony between nature and human development for the benefit of both!”

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