Changemaker Nomination: Humor Healing Humanity

Next in our series of 2012 Changemaker Nominations suggested by a chocolate lover! 

Congratulations to Humor Healing Humanity:

Here’s what Emily and Sheldon have to say about this fearless organization:

“We are not just saying this because she is our daughter! We are in awe of Abby Lodmer because of her ability to inspire others (especially young people).  She sends the message: MAKE healthy food choices for vibrant wellness — with humor and caring. She is hilarious and magnetic, and would be a great representative for FEARLESS chocolate because she is that too.  (Fearless, that is!)”

A little more info:

Humor Healing Humanity is about documenting the LOVE and LIGHT and LAUGHTER and GOoD that is going on around the world, through HUMOR!

Conscious comedian, Abby Lodmer, brings attention to world issues and causes that need to be addressed ~ in a fun, fabulous way!
Keep on spreading the AWESOME AWARENESS!”

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