Changemaker Nomination: Natural Doctors International

Next in our series of 2012 Changemaker Nominations suggested by a chocolate lover! 

Congratulations to Natural Doctors International:

Here’s what Rachelle has to say about this fearless organization:

“The doctors with NDI provide free natural medical care to the residents of rural Ometepe, Nicaragua who have limited access to healthcare. It is a poor farming community in which NDI participates on a much deeper level than providing treatment for diseases. They educate, empower and promote social justice through global health in Nicaragua, the United States and across the world. Much of what they do on a daily basis is through American and Canadian volunteers as well as paid Nicaraguan employees, providing a sources of income for the community. They are a leader in Natural Medicine and Social Justice and can use all the financial help and networking possible to further and expand their mission.
Thank you for condsidering Natural Doctors International.”

A little more info:

“NDI is about building relationships, community healing, and action. We are about reaching out, sharing and collaborating, promoting volunteerism and service – adventures of the heart. Step into the world of NDI and discover more about yourself by learning from your fellow brothers and sisters who may not have the luxuries often taken for granted in developed countries.

With our expansion, our volunteer opportunities for doctors and students are growing as well. We challenge volunteers to step into another culture and experience from within by building personal relationships and walking a mile in another person’s shoes. This direct experience of the often harsh economic imbalances present in the developing world, allows our volunteers to serve and act – not from afar, but in solidarity with their brothers and sisters around the world. Through cultural immersion and collaboration, volunteers gain first hand experience of global disparity, giving participants an understanding of how their own personal choices impact the larger global community.”

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