Changemaker Nomination: Rainbird Foundation

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to Rainbird

Here’s what Charlotte has to say about this fearless organization:

“They’re a truly fearless group. Their goal is to end child abuse—not prevent it, but put an end to it all together. They provide financial support to help take children out of dangerous situations, take action to support projects and legislation that protect children, and do everything they can to highlight how dire the danger is that many children face on a daily basis. The organization accomplishes a huge amount on a shoestring budget. Currently they’re working on building a new website to make it easier for their change makers to connect and get to work. I know a donation would help enormously with this effort, so I’m nominating them. Thank you!

A little more info:

49_RainbirdFoundation“Vision: Rainbird is committed to the end of child abuse for all children everywhere.

Mission: Our mission is to build a global movement for the end of child abuse, mobilize people around the world, and develop partnerships to unify people and organizations for the end of child abuse.

Hanna Roth worked in business management for 30 years. She is a writer, editor, and the founder of Rainbird. Hanna comes from severe child abuse. Many people knew about the abuse but no one did anything to save her or her brother and sisters. Rainbird’s purpose is to teach, empower, and activate individuals, groups, and organizations to successfully demand the eradication of any act of abuse happening to a child. With leaders in 5 countries currently, Hanna is building our community organizing platform. Her mission is to create a global movement for the end of child abuse and give the public — our greatest untapped resource — a powerful, organized, effective way to demand and achieve changes to save our children’s lives.

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