Changemaker Nomination: Reader to Reader

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to Reader to

Here’s what Kat has to say about this fearless organization:

“Reader to Reader is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to expanding literacy and learning opportunities for the nation’s most chronically underserved and vulnerable communities, including inner-city schools, Native American reservations, and poor rural towns. Since 2002, it has donated over $50,000,000 worth of books and computers to over 600 locations across the United States and in 14 countries.

Yet there is still so much to do. 60% of low-income children do not own a single book. A third of all fourth graders nationwide cannot read at even the basic level. Sadly, a child that cannot read at grade level by the end of third grade is unlikely to ever do so. Our kids deserve better. Low reading performance significantly contributes to drop-out rates, low self-esteem, teen pregnancy, crime, unemployment, and chronic poverty. Access to books and other learning resources is essential not only to academic achievement, but to lifelong success.

In its resource donations and innovative direct service programs, Reader to Reader works with the communities it serves to maximize the potential impact. Reader to Reader programs foster a love of reading in low-income at-risk students, empower immigrant and teen parents to embrace their role as their child’s first teacher and greatest educational advocate, guide high school students through the college admissions and testing process, and support the aspirations of young people with creative ideas to improve literacy worldwide.

Reader to Reader helps students find those books which speak to their hearts and minds, and they’re not afraid to think creatively to find the right book for the right student. All their programs embody the very principles that make Fearless so wonderful: high standards, integrity, creativity and sustainability.

Reader to Reader is not a static organization; it is bold, pioneering, hardworking, and strongly invested in building and sustaining collaborative partnerships and programs with the communities it serves. I believe this makes Reader to Reader an exceptional candidate for support from Fearless Chocolate.”

A little more info:

34_ReaderToReader“Reader To Reader, Inc. is… dedicated to bringing books, free of charge, to needy school libraries and public libraries across the United States.

Fact: 60% of underprivileged children do not own a single book. This makes a well-stocked school library a critical resource hub that is a necessity not a luxury.

Who We Serve

Reader To Reader serves the nation’s poorest communities, including inner-city schools, Native American Reservations, and poor rural towns, where the need for books is acute.


Over $40 million dollars worth of books and computers donated and counting!

Over 2 million books shipped to rebuild school libraries devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Over 500 under-resourced schools across the U.S. receive books from the Reader To Reader program throughout their school year.

Major Reader To Reader initiatives in Bridgeport, Connecticut; Louisiana, rural Mississippi, Detroit, Michigan; Massachusetts; rural Maine; the Navajo Reservation; and Compton, California.

Rural community library initiatives in Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas.

Over 300 students across the United States participate in the Reader To Reader Mentoring Program.

Computer labs built on the Navajo Reservation and in Ghana. Beyond el Campo program, bringing books and computers to rural Costa Rica.

Continue to supply books to organizations and groups serving Haiti, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya, and Ghana. See Reader to Reader in Action”

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