Changemaker Nomination: Rocket Dog Rescue

Here’s yet another of our 2012 Changemaker Nominations suggested by a chocolate lover! 

Congratulations to Rocket Dog Rescue:

Here’s what Annie has to say about this awesome organization:

“I met Pali years ago before she started Rocket Dog and she was volunteering with Hop-A-Long Rescue.  I had come to her in search of help with a pit bull we had found in a parking lot, and it is just as true then as it is now how she does whatever she can to help any dog that comes her way.  I have never seen Pali’s dedication to rescue waiver in the ten plus years that I have had the honor to call her my friend.  I have seen all the hardships and sacrafices and time that it is so overwhelming that any other person would just quit, especially now with how the economy has hit rescue groups and with shelters closing.  Pali is an extremely special woman and Rocket Dog Rescue takes every dime and stretches it to the max, no one gets paid it’s an all volunteer group.  The past three years RDR has been given the title of “Best Non-Profit” by the Bay Guardian, and that goes hand in hand with Pali’s total dedication to the cause of helping those animals in need, no matter how dire the situation.  Thousands of dogs have been able to find love and live out happier lives through the hard work of Pali Boucher and Rocket Dog Rescue. Thank you for having “changemakers” a part of your company.”

A little more about Rocket Dog Rescue:

“Rocket Dog Rescue is a volunteer based organization serving the greater Bay Area, dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned dogs from over crowded animal shelters. We also help dogs from other areas that have compelling situations where they are in danger of abuse, neglect or euthanasia. Rocket Dog Rescue places dogs into temporary foster homes where they are socialized, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated for any medical or behavioral conditions limiting their adoptability. RDR actively searches for permanent homes for its foster dogs by producing and distributing photo-biographic posters, by hosting an actively updated website and by organizing mobile adoption fairs and special events that provide exposure to potential adopters. Rocket Dog Rescue also provides assistance to individuals and animal rescue groups fostering dogs in need of permanent new homes.

Founded in 2001, Rocket Dog Rescue’s ultimate goal is to create a world where all companion animals have loving and permanent homes and where no good natured dogs, no matter what their age, are killed in shelters because they are considered to be surplus or un-adoptable.”

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