Changemaker Nomination: Summer Search

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to Summer

Here’s what Chris has to say about this fearless organization:

“Summer Search is an amazingly effective organization at helping low-income high school aged students who easily get lost in the shuffle become outstanding leaders in their communities.  They send them on life changing summer experiences during their last two years of high school and then mentor them year round offering them a support network to help them excel in life.  These are young people who are rarely afforded opportunities, but are nominated by partners within the school systems for the program based on their resilience, altruism, and determination.  These students have gone on to become successful leaders, with their positive influence permeating every aspect of their communities… socially, environmentally, etc…  Summer Search invests heavily in the future of our world: the next generation… and does so successfully!”

A little more info:

46_SummerSearch“Summer Search is a national youth development non-profit. We work with low-income high school students to transform what they believe is possible for themselves. We help students in seven cities across the country develop the skills and character traits they need to become college-educated leaders who give back to their families and communities.

Since 1990, we’ve partnered with high schools to identify students short on opportunity and long on resilience, altruism, determination—character traits that hold the seeds for success in school and in life. We make a long-term investment in these students (at least five years, from high school through college).

Our character-based program is a unique combination of relationships and opportunities that helps them build the skills they need to thrive. We partner each student with a professional mentor and build a circle of relationships around them. Then, we offer them experiential opportunities that crack open their view of the world and ultimately reveal what they’re capable of.

Summer Search alumni, often the first in their families to earn a college degree, are beacons of change who give back to their families and communities.”

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