Changemaker Nomination: The Animal Protectorates

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to The Animal and

Here’s what Shelley has to say about this fearless organization:

“The Animal Protectorates (TAPS) under the dba of CROPSusa (Citizens for Rescue-Only Pet Stores) helped pass ordinances in Burbank and Glendale, California whereby pet stores can only “sell” animals that come from local shelters, rescue groups or humane societies.  This takes a bite out of the cruel puppy mill industry.  Additionally, TAPS recently became involved in taking on Riverside County after it let a hoarder kill likely thousands of dogs over a 17 years period on a remote vacant parcel.  TAPS traced the hoarder to multiple counties and connected the dots to more killing, including euthanasia of 40 dogs and dogs in freezers.  TAPS is now working with state legislators to enact an animal abuse registry in California — which would follow New York passing such legislation.  TAPS is bold and professional — comprised of attorneys and other animal welfare advocates who have been involved in animal welfare for decades.”

A little more info:

36_TAPSUSA36_BurbankCROPS“OUR TREATY : The specific purpose of The Animal Protectorates (TAPS)  is to facilitate the direct protection of animals in every possible way;  provide sponsorship for, and financial support to programs and organizations involving animal welfare;  provide outreach and education to promote an increased awareness of animal cruelty;  encourage every citizen to become active,  involved and responsible animal guardians; promote the legal re-classification of animals to a category other than property; and, to carry on other charitable activities associated with these goals as allowed by law.”

“C.R.O.P.S. stands for “Citizens for Rescue-Only Pet Stores.”

We are a dedicated group of Burbank residents, volunteering our time in an effort to add our city of Burbank to an ever-growing list of cities in the Greater-L.A.-area who are banning the retail sale of pets.

C.R.O.P.S. works with local animal welfare organizations, adoption centers and rescue groups to facilitate and promote adoption/rescue pets through events, word of mouth and social media. We help set up events at retail establishments within our community as to provide additional venues for homeless pets to be showcased, so that our community has an easy alternative to adopt rather than purchasing online, from a pet store (puppy mill supplier) or irresponsible breeder.

A “paradigm shift” is occurring, replacing the former way of thinking and doing business. People generally want to be part of a solution and businesses such as pet stores are embracing the opportunity to help animal shelters and rescue groups by hosting adoption events, or adopting out homeless animals from shelters rather than obtaining them from commercial breeders (a.k.a. puppy mills).”

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