2014 Changemaker Nomination: Wild Gift

Congratulations to Wild Giftwildgift.org, nominated by a Chocolate Lover like you!

Here’s what Carrie has to say about this fearless organization:

“We are a nonprofit organization that uses wilderness to empower better world entrepreneurs. These leaders are making big impacts around the globe using creative business models of success. From starting wholistic education models in Nepal to growing rooftop greenhouses on top of Whole Foods, our entrepreneurs are finding ways to make make a difference, one project at a time.”

A little more info:

01_WildGift“We achieve our mission by supporting our Fellows with:

  • A deep wilderness experience (unplug) designed to inspire personal vision and perspective
  • Experienced mentors to assist project development and execution
  • Seed funding for better world projects
  • An annual forum to strategize for continuing success of better world projects
  • An active network of collaborative social entrepreneurs

Our Core Values

  1. Wilderness: Deep wilderness provides the inspiration for Fellows to unplug and envision a better world.
  2. Urgency: Humanity is on an unstable path and rapid change is essential to achieve a healthy world and continuity of our species.
  3. Leadership: A dynamic network of social entrepreneurs will ultimately create solutions for today’s global challenges.
  4. Innovation: Creative ideas are essential for positive change.
  5. Accountability: Measureable results magnify the Wild Gift impact.”

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