Changemaker Nomination: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV)

It’s the next 2013 Changemaker Nomination suggested by a chocolate lover like you! 

Congratulations to Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV)

Here’s what Morgan has to say about this fearless organization:

“I’ve been volunteering with this organization for 7 years now and I’ve never come across a more motivated and fun group of awesome people all organized under the passionate directive of the organization. The amazing work they do for the land is equaled by the inspiration and  passion they instill in hundreds of volunteers each season. This group is awesome and fearlessly addressing the restoration of the land that needs to be done especially following major forest fire damage done in the past couple of years!”

A little more info:


To foster a community spirit of shared responsibility for the ecological stewardship and restoration of public and protected lands.


  • Create a strong network of volunteers, capable of caring for these sites through trainings, educational opportunities, and partnerships with other local organizations.
  • Encourage community-based involvement in projects by recruiting volunteers who live in communities near project sites and/or are members of user groups who frequent those sites.
  • Develop and implement high quality, science-based restoration techniques. We aim to contribute to the scientific field of ecological restoration.
  • Collaborate closely with land managers and other stakeholders to identify key sites in need of ecological restoration.
  • Serve a diverse audience including urban and rural residents, adults, middle and high school students, disadvantaged youth, local watershed protection groups, local outdoor clubs, and other recreational users of local public lands.
  • Have fun, work hard, and celebrate the deep love of mountains, forests, streams, and open spaces that inspire our work.”

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