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chocolate powered race car

FROM THE SOURCE: If we told you that the formula race car of the future is powered by chocolate, features a body made from potatoes, and a steering wheel made from carrots, you might say we’ve been reading too many children’s books. However just such a vehicle exists, and it’s capable of carving through corners at 125mph while actually cleaning the air! The WorldFirst F3 race car is the brainchild of the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre and features a bevy of green features that are set to shape the future of motor sport racing.

The vehicle recicles CO2 as part of its fuel efficiency, so yeah, it also cleans the air as it runs, sort of.

I wonder what the biodegradable half-life is on this beast?


One Response to “CHOCOLATE POWERED RACE CAR oftheDay :: Warwick’s World F3rst”

  1. susan

    Wow, that’s pretty incredible! I would like a non-racing chocolate powered vehicle. Oh wait, that’s me on my bike!