Mountain Top Removal (MTR) is the term used to describe when coal companies litterally BLAST! mountain tops to remove only small amount of coal. Profitable for the mining companies precisely because it replaces most of the need for labor with highly destructive, but nonetheless efficient, explosives and machinery. Yet the effects upon eco-systems and local economies are devastating. Simply devastating.

MountainJustice.org has a nice fact list describing MTR and its effects.

I also like this fact/myth artical from Appalacian Voices.

And here’s a grip of articles from our friends at TreeHugger.org:

Ready to Get Pissed Off at Mountaintop Removal Mining? Watch This. (Video)

Satellite Photos Reveal How Mountaintop Removal Is Scarring Appalachia

EPA Data Shows Streams Near Mountaintop Removal Coal Mines Toxic (Duh)

Mountaintop Removal and You – ILoveMountains.org

Ashley Judd on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Scientists Say Mountaintop Removal Mining Should Be Banned – No Remediation Ever Enough


And Im extremely proud of my dear friend Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping! who are running a di-vestment campaign against MTR’s biggest investor: CHASE BANK.

Please read this article and find out how you can get involved and/or support their inspiring work.

And of course, watch their awesome video of one of their choir members closing her Chase Bank Accounts in moral objection to the MTR funding!

In fact, you can sign-up to get the gospel direct from the good Rev.

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