Eat Mail, May 2011: Ginger Miranda and Macadamia-GO-NUTS

With great excitement, we introduce this month’s Eat Mail extravaganza: the Ginger Miranda Bar and Macadamia-go-NUTS! On a scale of amazing to fantastic, we just couldn’t choose a favorite…

Eager to jump into a mid-summer daydream of summery fruits and buttery-nutty crunch? Us too. We bathed fresh macadamia nuts in blackberry-starfruit dark chocolate, which is even more delicious than it sounds. So much so, it drove us crazy. Hence, Macadamia-go-NUTS!

The madness continued. Inspired by a Carmen Miranda’s fruity adornment from “The Gang’s All Here”, we couldn’t help but samba in banana, mango, and peach along with a touch of ginger delicious to bring it all together. We defy you to watch this Busby Berkley Classic featuring the original lady in the Tutti-Frutti hat and not want to get fruty-licious:

Does all of this sound good? The only way to try them, or any other of our small-batch tasty ridiculousness is to join our EAT MAIL program! This monthly subscription will deliver exotically crafted chocolate treats right to your home or office.

Always made with certified Organic and Kosher ingredients.

EAT MAIL is a $19.99/month service — which essentially covers the cost of ingredients and labor — plus $5 shipping. Each subscription is 2 Servings.

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