A Fearless Farewell

Dec 1, 2014

Dearest Fearless Friends & Family,

It is with a heavy heart we share with you that Fearless Chocolate has closed its doors. Unfortunately the cost of scaling operations has proved difficult to sustain this past year and thus far we have been unable to find a partnership to propel Fearless onward and continue the tradition. For now we will be suspending operations and Fearless will hibernate as we seek new opportunities.

Since we began in a home kitchen back in 2006, Fearless has strived to craft an uncompromising chocolate bar and we thank you sincerely for supporting this vision. You have helped us grow beyond our wildest intentions and because of you Fearless ranked among the most competitive chocolate bars in America. With your support, Fearless has been a thought leader the forefront of superior organics, Direct Trade ethics, and if we may say so, Fearless Chocolate has been nothing short of exceptionally delicious. More than anything, Fearless has been an experiment with you and us together, exploring what it means to “Be Fearless,” and over the past 7 years we’ve been honored to learn and re-learn how mission-driven businesses like Fearless do have a real impact upon peoples lives from farm to table.

We are grateful to our partner farm Fazenda Camboa of Bahia, Brazil. Camboa is the unlikely lone powerhouse of organic cocoa in a country that produces almost entirely pesticide-laden conventional cocoa crops. While most cocoa farms remain quite close in process to their colonial traditions, Camboa is a uniquely forward-thinking community of farmers, agronomists, and soulful optimists. The wonderful people of Fazenda Camboa never faltered in matching our enthusiasm and we have been truly blessed to have them as our core allies — allies we may never have encountered were it not for our dear friends and manufacturing partners at Amma Chocolate of Salvador, Brazil. Amma, the guiding jewel of the Brazilian artisan cocoa trade, makes chocolate to be reckoned with. Since 2010 Amma has been our partner, our ambassador, our friend and our inspiration. We cannot say enough about Amma, please do your mouth a glorious favor and seek their fine chocolate bars (www.AmmaChocolate.com).

Camboa, Amma, you and us — that is what has given Fearless Chocolate a soul these many years and we would like to say a sincere thank you to you all who have joined us on our path. We’ve had a rare opportunity to transform the nuances and historical context of Brazilian cacao into the formidable brand we call Fearless. From 2010 to our closing of operations in the Fall of 2014 Fearless produced over 50 tons of cocoa, and approximately 2.3 Million sumptuous chocolate bars. We would like to take this humble moment in the spirit of the holidays to give thanks for these achievements and to encourage you to pursue your own wildest dreams. That’s just what we did and it took us on a scrumptious journey, from a tiny home kitchen in Oakland California, to exploring Brazilian heirloom cacao within the most bio-diverse rainforest on earth, and back again to serve Fearless friends in all 50 states!

It took us on a path to meet you.

Thank You All!

Forever yours in Chocolate,

Jordan Schuster, Stewart Schuster, Bette Schuster, Haridass Khalsa, Thuy Hoang, Bill Davies, David Dvorak, Winette Winston, Sarah Lenz, Amy Miller, Itziar Camio, Joan Lim and all of us in the Fearless Family

Anyone with questions and comments may contact jm@fearlesschocolate.com


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