FEARLESS oftheDay :: Mia Farrow Hunger Strikes for DARFUR

Mia Farrow is 9 days into a 3 week hunger strike to support Darfur Refugees. She’s documenting her fast in a series of short YouTube videos and she’ll be on Larry King Live tonight. Mia says she’s looking forward to exposing the horrific genocide in Sudan to more than 250 million viewers. More than anything, she wants you to call the White House and demand action: 202-456-1111.

Im calling now.

Via BoingBoing, “Also striking is Pam Omidyar, a founder of the philanthropic group Humanity United, and the wife of EBay founder Pierre Omidyar. Omidyar has been eating the refugee meals for 18 days, according to her blog on fastdarfur.org.

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