Once upon a time in a land I call pre-Disney New York City, I spent my nights throwing warehouse parties of the wild and ridiculous variety. From 2000 – 2001, I hosted three events in one particular venue called PSEUDO. Resurrected from legendary debauchery, Pseudo had once been the auspicious home of “artist” Josh Harris and the internet tv show/24 hour party people hang-out “We Live in Public”. This is more or less the concept that MTV’s The Real World Ripped off and continues to bank on 15 seasons later.

Before the Real World, someone got there first, that someone was Josh Harris, and please believe me, his version makes MTV’s version taste like plastic candy. Today and thursday, award winning director Ondi Timoner (DIG!) is hosting a “private” showing of her latest doc which follows Harris and the We Live in Public project. I’m trying to track her down to get tickets.

View the TRAILER here.

And if you’re going to the show and you need a + 1 (+ chocolate), do give me a bell :o

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