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“They had me at hello. Being the visual person I am, I was delighted with the Fearless buttons, adorable elephant logo, stars on their bars, winged elephants prancing around the shiny inner packaging, and the gestalt that this company embodies. So appealing, so welcoming, so healthy, so innovative, and so delicious. Who could ask for more?

By now, most of you know how wildly good for you raw chocolate is; however, all raw chocolates are not created equal. Fearless’ is definitely a cut above.”

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Fearless Chocolate

Once again, in my usual need to hit up a health-food store in search of a “good-for-me” dessert, I came across the Fearless chocolate bar which I had never seen before. I was drawn to it for many reasons. It had my favorite animal on it (an elephant), the words “crunch” and “chia” figured prominently, and as if they couldn’t have included any more Carolina-seducing words, the 100-percent post-consumer recycled packaging also said “raw” and “organic.” “Bring. It. On,” I thought.

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Fearless Makes a Truly Fantastic Organic Chocolate Bar

“While I favor raw chocolate over non-raw chocolate, because it tastes so much more light and healthy, the Fearless Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Peppermynt was something special.

The combination of green tea and peppermint, both of which I am a huge fan, was what made this chocolate bar so refreshing, compelling and unusual.

I just cannot remember when I have eaten a raw chocolate that had this flavor profile.”

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Opportunity LOL

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Opportunity LOL Reviews: Fearless Chocolate

Fearless Chocolate is what happens when a good product receives brilliant packaging and a touch of humor. Before you bite into a bar, make sure you put aside any prejudice you’ve had against the words ‘raw chocolate’ in the past, because Fearless Chocolate is unlike any 2 oz chocolate bar you’ve ever had. Let’s start with the flavors: Dark as Midnight, Sweet & Hot Hibiscus Ginger, Exploding Coconuts, Matcha Green Tea Peppermint, and Super Seeds! Hemp Chia Flax. Have you ever been so intrigued by a brand of chocolate before?

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If FEARLESS Chocolate was a fella, I would absolutely want to hook up with him as he would hold all the virtues I am passionate about. FEARLESS Chocolate values the environment and decks out their gorgeous glossy chocolate bars in 100% post-consumer recycled paper that bio-degrades within 6 months.  FEARLESS Chocolate is big-hearted and donates 1% of their annual profits to several important change making individuals. FEARLESS Chocolate is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and is fashioned of mineral-rich unrefined whole sugars.  FEARLESS Chocolate has multiple personalities (in a noble non-creepy way). They can be deep, dark and delicious one minute then bold, floral and fruity the next. I like my gents and my chocolate raw, delicious, and full of unpretentious nuances that are exposed when I take the first bite!!! FEARLESS Chocolate is mind blowing and  OOOOOOOOrganically satisfying!!!

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The clear winner: Fearless Chocolate’s Cherry Bomb gnosh (ugh, how do you spell that?). The taste experience was like watching Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulkamania duke it out on a terrific roller coaster… on the moon… in 3-D… In. My. Mouth! Awesome.

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An In Depth Interview with the Company that Dares you to be “Fearless”

What does it mean to be fearless? The word in its self can be interpreted many different ways depending on who you ask.  To some people it means having the power to challenge yourself by not afraid to pursue your dreams in spite of the obstacles that might come your way. Who would have ever thought such a simple word would have so many layers.

In many ways the same can be said about Fearless Chocolate. The San Francisco based company is more than just a simple raw organic chocolate brand. The company has taken a strong stance in supporting Direct Trade with its coco farmers. They are also committed to preserving the environment and hope to be a zero waste company in the future. With all that being said how could you not admire their ethical values?

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