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Fearless Chocolate Prepares For Future Growth

“We’re constantly engineering our lines backwards in time to better understand how new installations would fit into the context of our existing operation and help us meet our future goals. Of course, some line renovations have to be done strategically, piece-by-piece over time, which makes it even more important to consider possible changes to both the front and the back of the line. You’re never buying a new piece of equipment to use just for today; you’re buying it to use for several years.”

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Fearless Raw Organic Chocolate

“I was delighted with the 4 different flavors which accompanied the 75% cacao dark chocolate bar, but be aware if you want flavored chocolate, you won’t find it here. These chocolate bars are for chocolate lovers. The added nuts, seeds and spices don’t overwhelm the chocolate flavor, which is the real star here. The ginger and hibiscus, matcha and peppermint, chia super seeds, and coconut are subtle enhancements, so you still know you are eating good, quality chocolate. Delicious.”

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Fearless Chocolate Makes Organic Raw Chocolate Worth Loving

“The Dark as Midnight tastes rich and surprisingly mellow and lush in the mouth for 75% cacao. The flavors build from a creaminess to an almost peppery intensity, with some light sparks of cherry and a touch of black raspberry. There’s a consistently smooth, creamy mouth feel, not at all like the gritty raw chocolates we often find, and a pleasant lingering finish.

We ate the whole bar, a rare thing for any chocolate, rarer still for a raw one.”

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bar shot!

Om nom nom nom....

Fearless Chocolate

“I just want to be clear that this bar does NOT taste like dirt. It’s delicious, really delicious, and I thought it was quite sweet. I wondered why it was considered raw, and found the answer on the box. The cacao is not roasted, and not heated above 118˚F, if this is important to you.

If you like dark chocolate, definitely try to find some of this wonderful stuff. It’s great, and you can feel even better about buying it because one percent of the purchase price will go to a worthy cause, and the box is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper”

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“They had me at hello. Being the visual person I am, I was delighted with the Fearless buttons, adorable elephant logo, stars on their bars, winged elephants prancing around the shiny inner packaging, and the gestalt that this company embodies. So appealing, so welcoming, so healthy, so innovative, and so delicious. Who could ask for more?”

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Please and thank you. Yum.You Can’t Sissy Scones: Chocolate-Coconut Scones & Fearless Chocolate Review

“I’m not being paid for this post. I’m writing this little review because the chocolate is simply some of the best I’ve ever had. Mellow and dark without being overly bitter. The flavors are spot on, dignified, and well blended. The peppermint and green tea bar was both refreshing and subtle. The coconut mixed bar is just bangin’ with an intense coconut flavor that even BF, an avid coconut hater, enjoyed. The hibiscus and ginger? As fruity and piquant as a smashing first date.”

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