MOTION RADIO :: May 2010

Perhaps you know that before we made chocolate we made music.

Some of my favorite memories from my New York City days was spinning records with DJ Macedonia. I suppose they call him Macedonia b/c he connects the present (possibly the future) of music to its earliest roots. Anyway, he’s a serious selector and Im proud to repost his newest podcast for MOTION RADIO…..for your listening pleasure, I give you episode #13


us & us (may 2010) for motion radio
“my way of dealing with it…”
transmitting from mount vernon, new york, usa
supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, cd, cassette, and mp3


1. The Brand New Heavies – It’s Getting Hectic (feat. Gang Starr)
[Delicious Vinyl]
2. Malcolm McLaren – B.I. Bikki (intro) [Island]
3. Malcolm McLaren – Eiffel Tower [Island]
4. Silhouette Brown – Constant Questions [2000black]
5. Gil Scott-Heron – Your Soul And Mine [XL]
6. The Clonious – Emora [Ubiquity]
7. Grand Puba – Get It (Caspa Remix) [Scion A/V]
8. Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Joker & Ginx Remix) [XL]
9. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) [Domino]
10. Massive Attack – Special Cases (Akufen Remix) [Virgin]
11. Sophie Rimheden – Don’t Follow [Mille Plateaux]
12. Bolliger & Gloor – Mailänder Tanzschlag [Codek]
13. Mouse On Mars – Pinwheel Herman [Thrill Jockey]
14. The High Llamas – Showstop Hic Hup (Mouse On Mars Remix) [V2]
15. Floating Points – Truly [Eglo]
16. Freakniks – Kalimba [Scenario]
17. Joe Henderson – Foregone Conclusion [Soul Jazz]
18. Donald Byrd with Guru and Ronny Jordan – Time Is Moving On [GRP]
19. Malcolm McLaren – Lauretta [Island]
20. Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid – Our Time [Domino]

Back for 2010, I take a little time to pay respect to the living
legacies of Guru, Malcolm McLaren, and Steve Reid. “Lauretta”
wouldn’t get out of my head after McLaren died and I’m not sure how
many people would even reference his Fans EP, seeing as how it’s this
weird combination of R&B with operatic arias. Outside of that, just
playing some releases from this year and last year that have captured
my interest, bringing along some cuts from previous years to tie
together the loose ends.

Back on my listening room/side room selections thing again. Been way
from it too long. It feels good to be back. Hope this one finds you
in a good place…

Now get in touch with MACEDONIA:

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