SCIENCE FACT: Chocolate makes your brain feel good… and how!

For all of you who have ever had a satisfying chocolate interaction and dare to learn more, take heed of an extremely informative and accessible article from the Exploratorium Magazine entitled “The Sweet Lure of Chocolate”, particularly the section entitled “Feel Good” Food. It outlines the similarities of the brain’s reaction to other chemicals, including amphetamines and THC , which might explains a lot about that general feeling of loveliness we feel after our daily doses of tasty delicious.

Whether you are a long time listener or a first time caller, the odds are good that if you are reading this, you appreciate chocolate. That doesn’t necessarily mean you know much about it, though. Let’s be honest, you don’t need to have a diploma to intimately enjoy this delicious superfood. Nor do you have to live in a chocolate factory to understand how supremely beneficial chocolate is to fearlessly living a happy life. The proof is in the putting, so to speak, of chocolate into your mouth. Nature takes it from there.

Link to the entire article: “The Sweet Lure of Chocolate”

Link to the quoted section: “Feel Good” Food

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