Dear Fearless Family,

At Fearless Chocolate we are passionate about crafting the most delicious and most nutritious chocolate bars ever made! As we evolve, explore, test, and refine our approach in pursuit of optimal taste and nourishment, we have found that we are achieving a superior finished product by allowing naturally occurring temperatures during our cacao’s fermentation cycle, which often exceed the raw community concept of 118ºF. Additionally, experimentation with temperatures beyond 118ºF during the drying cycle of our raw cacao are yielding exceptionally positive results in both flavor development and the preservation of our cacao’s nutritional wealth.

It’s exciting to be making Fearless Chocolate as our efforts on both the farm and in the lab enable us to offer ever more vital and vibrant properties within our cacao. The Raw Food community too is evolving and maturing. With acknowledgement to purists who offer that any processed food challenges the boundaries of truly “raw” integrity, even with strict adherence to temperatures below 118F, we acknowledge that this refinement of our raw methodology marks a transformation. Accordingly, over the next 6 months the statement on our chocolate bar packaging will shift from “Raw Organic Chocolate” to FEARLESS Organic SuperChocolate. Fearless Organic SuperChocolate remains low-temperature processed to preserve superior nutrition and maximum deliciosity.

Yours in SuperChocolate,


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