Wow. My dear friend, beloved street artist Swoon has released an incredible book! I just got it. Wow.

She prolly doesn’t remember this, but here’s a picture I snapped of her making Manhattan beautiful back in the day…


Swoon is perhaps best known for her delicate linoleum/wood block prints and paper cut-out portraits. Id say the first half of the book is dedicated to the 10+ years she’s spent making your favorite cities looks oh so pretty. The second half is all about her more recent passion which might be described as floating junk-punk rafts.

See it and believe it…

What Cheer? Brigade welcoming the Swoon armada at Deitch Studios

Seriously, how much fun does this look?

I wish I could grab individual photos from photographer Tod Selie’s Flickr Stream, but it looks like I can only link.

Really though, check out this, This, and THIS!.

Kinda makes chocolatiering seem like a grind, lol.

Like many who know her play, I’ve found unending inspiration from her. She has a spirit. Its evident in her illustrations and the kind of people who surround her.

I’m super proud to see many of her accomplishments so beautifully documented in her new retrospective book, check it out!

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