Thank Goodness it is Friday: Moustaches et al

In honor of Friday the 13th AND this weekend’s 2011 World Beard & Moustache Championships in Trondheim, Norway, we offer you the following interesting and pertinent tidbits:

How to say Moustache in 13 different languages:

Croatian– brkovi
Danish– overskæg
Dutch– snor
Finnish– viikset
French– moustache
German– Schnurrbart
Italian– baffi
Norwegian– bart
Polish– w?sy
Portuguese– bigode
Romania– musta??
Spanish– bigote
Swedish– mustasch

If you’re like us, you’ve probably noticed how spell check corrects the word “moustache” with “mustache” at least three or four times a day. Which is the correct spelling? According to, “Mustachio was originally a variant of mustache, but the former now denotes an especially luxuriant mustache. Moustache is the preferred spelling of mustache in British, Canadian, and Australian English.” Looks like we’re traditionalists when it comes to our facial hair.

5 facts you most likely didn’t know about moustaches
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1) Moustache experts rank Sam Elliot as having the best moustache ever.
2) The oldest picture of a moustache dates back to 300 B.C.
3) Mark Spitz tricked the 1972 Russian Olympic swim team into growing moustaches.
4) There is a “Freestyle”competition category in the World Beard & Moustache championships.
5) The owners of the three longest moustaches in the world are Indian (record as of 2009: 12.5 feet).

“Movember” is an month-long event that raises vital funds and awareness for men’s health by encouraging men to grow a moustache for the entirety of November.  Essentially, the moustache becomes the equivalent of the pink ribbon for prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Learn more at

And finally, we here at Fearless are huge fans of Firehouse Moustache wax– check out their website ( and their facebook page. We highly recommend their strongest offering, Wacky Tacky, for maximum style and hold.

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