Many of you have been kind enough to participate in our Giving program this year and years past. For those unfamiliar, Fearless devotes a percentage of its annual profit to changemaking individuals and organizations suggested by our customers.

Essentially, you might purchase a Fearless bar in a store or on our webstore and, with the product code printed on the inner-wrap, you write to us through the Giving section of our website about the changemaker you believe in. Each december we contact those who have made contributions to collaboratively vote on who gets this year’s FEARLESS Grant.

This holiday season we’re soft-launching a new program to recognize Fearless Individuals and Organizations on a year round basis. People write to us about the people who inspire them all the time and we often try to track down these amazing individuals to send them a nice chocolate bar and a short letter that says “Thank you, for being you” in so many words.

And this holiday season we’re upping (is that a word?) the ante. We’ve developed this FEARLESS Award and we want you to help us give them out…


This frame worthy certificate commemorates outstanding people/organiztions and their inspiring work. From now on all worthy changemakers who are submitted are eligible for the Fearless Award. Those awarded will also get to vote on who receives the Fearless Grant at the end of each year.

Vote early, vote often :)

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