VegOut :: The iPhone App that helped me eat vegetarian even in Scranton

VegOut for iPhone
Travel is difficult for any vegetarian, extra challenging if you’re going raw. So give thanks to the VegOut App for the iPhone. It finds all the veg friendly restaurants near you using the GPS feature or any zip code you dial in. Its a simple service, but it out-performs the variety of google searches I used to invoke in order to find something decent to stomach during travel days. Nothing ingratiates me into a new city more than knowing where to eat.

We run our office on two macs and an iphone. While Im not an evangelist about mac products, I do love their useability, industrial design and the fact that they dont crash religiously like every other PC I’ve owned. Anyhow, the iphone, despite all its faults (ahem, ATT service) can’t be denied its greatest virtue: Apps. I’ve got my favorites (Wikipanion, Yelp, Twitterific, iConvert, DataCase, GuitarToolKit, Pandora), and my new favortive is VegOut. Highly recommended for veggies, vegans and raw foodists.

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