“Why is there an elephant on the bar?”

A statement from our FEARLESS leader, Mr. Jordan Schuster:

People often ask us “Why is there an elephant on the bar?” The answer is not easy to put in words, but that is also, in part, our elephant’s purpose.

As a chocolate maker I am often struck by the profound effects of food. Chocolate is of course special in the kingdom of foods often crowning the end of a wonderful meal, or perhaps rewarding the end of a day. Chocolate is often the jewel of celebration and I believe this is so because of its indelible effect upon our senses. And not just the exquisite tastes and unmatchable textures, but also the broad pharmacology of the chocolate seems to activate our biology in ways that other foods cannot.

Chocolate can certainly be intellectualized in the same tradition as wine and other fine foods. We can talk about bean genetics and terroir, processing methodology and origin. Its a wonderful conversation which we enjoy very much at Fearless. However, for me I am more sincerely struck by the pre-verbal magic of the cacao. I am struck by the liminal moment of tasting this jewel and the ensuing ballet upon my senses. I enjoy watching the same sensations ripple across the faces of those sharing our chocolate, and I marvel.

I like to claim that the enchantment of chocolate is ‘pre-verbal’ because I want the moment to be purely enjoyed without the lens of mature thought. Yes, I want you to be that kid again, devouring ravenously, or fervently savoring the mesmerizing nuances in each bite. Good food does that. The politics of good food are earnestly evident in their simple goodness, it cant be argued with. In the complex world I live in, I have developed such reverence for these simple and peaceful moments.

And back to elephants ;) here is a wonderful story of the bond between a man and the wild elephants he cared for, please read it, as it is simply heartwarming. I love this story. It reminds me of the moment I realized that I love chocolate the way I love elephants…..with an affinity that needs no words. Most of us have not experience anything near the level of proximity to elephants as the man in this story, yet its undeniable the sense of brotherhood/sisterhood we feel with them. We love to marvel at their unfathomable majesty, their power, and their compassion. Within an elephant is potential. Indomitable creatures capable of extreme violence but more passionately demonstrative of love, family, kindness, gentleness. As we observe elephants we cant help but observe ourselves. Their size emblemizes the enormity of our egos. Their presence is unmitigated. And yet the depths of their sweetness seems unfathomable. Courageous creatures, Fearless through and through, elephants inspire.

Clearly I can find no shortage of words to describe why I LOVE elephants, but do I really need any words to explain this to you? I dont think so. I think you understand in the same way that I do. Its a feeling. A sense of kindred spirit. A sense of connectedness that exists far deeper in who YOU are than words can ever touch. Elephants mere existence somehow teaches us who we are.

Chocolate for me is the same. Its a food that is a friend that is a teacher that reminds me to experience THIS very moment and all others with sweet, delectable reverence!

For this reason and many others we chose an elephant as the totemic figure on our Fearless Chocolate bars. The elephant is you and the elephant is your potential. The chocolate will remind you that your true wealth is what your natural experience of all things, even those that taste less wonderful than chocolate.

Thank you, dear elephants, for enjoying FEARLESS CHOCOLATE and for reading this article below, it is one you will not soon forget…

Wild Elephants Gather Inexplicably, Mourn Death of “Elephant Whisperer”

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