bean to bar, buddy... bean to bar

Thanks to the delectable efforts of Yael Miller, a fearless fan equal parts package designer extraordinaire and chocolate monster debonair, we’re proud to present a few honorable mentions for your consideration:

At, you can find a colorful collection of our products among a pleasing panoply of design artistic. Be sure to take some time to browse this website’s elaborately wonderful offering of eye candy.
a long time ago, in a chocolate galaxy far, far away... is arguably the best package design oriented website on the internet. We are humbled to be mentioned on this honored resource, and encourage you all to enjoy every amazing image TheDieLine has to offer.
chocolate jenga

Last, but definitely not least, please make a point to check out Yael Miller’s own website HERE. We’re big fans of the Brand Naming and Identity section, especially this logo for the KC Soap Company:

KC Soap Company

Thank you, Yael- we are deeply appreciative for your time, consideration, and fearlessness. Keep up the great design work!

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